One of the core departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy in East Point College of Pharmacy is the Department of Pharmacology, which is responsible for educating Doctor in Pharmacy, B Pharm and M Pharm students. The Department's mission is to establish itself as a preeminent research and academic hub in the field of Pharmacology and Toxicology in India, with leadership roles in research, development, training and education. The department's primary goal is to produce competent graduates who can meet the community's health care demands and additionally, to carry out cutting-edge research in the pharmaceutical sciences to prosper in both the academic and industry sectors.
The accomplished academic members of the Department of Pharmacology in East Point College of Pharmacy are committed to outcome-based learning and research. The labs are equipped with all the necessary safety precautions and well-designed works places to enable M. Pharm students to perform basic pharmacological in-vitro and in-vivo screening. D. Pharm as well as B. Pharm students usually have gone through Utilising Simulation software facilitates the display of in-silico pharmacological experiments in laboratories. Students can develop their expertise in handling animals and performing proficient pharmacological research in the lab.

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