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Dr. S.M. Venkatpathi, the visionary founder of East Point Group of Institutions under the aegis of M.G. Charitable Trust, not only conceptualized but also nurtured this institution, steering it towards a promising future for our society. He envisioned East Point Group of Institutions as a powerful center for the creation of knowledge and the upholder of a humane value system.

Dr. Venkatpathi's educational journey commenced with the establishment of a school in the rural Kalyan Nagar of Bangalore, which later evolved into the renowned East Point Group of Institutions. Today, East Point stands as an academic conglomerate, offering a comprehensive educational spectrum spanning Medical, Allied Health Sciences, Engineering, Administration, Management, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Pre-University, and School. With a diverse array of 66+ courses, the institution caters to students from Pre-K.G. to Ph.D., attracting over 10,000 individuals from India and around the world. The establishment of a 1000-bedded medical college hospital demonstrates a commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, playing a pivotal role in significantly bolstering the socio-economic growth of the region. This initiative stands as a testament to the trust's unwavering dedication to societal well-being.

He always initiated important programs by worshiping his beloved parents, Sri. Muniswamappa and Smt. Gowramma, in whose name he built the East Point Empire-an educational institution fulfilling his mother's wish to enlighten society.

In 2012, he received an honorary doctorate from Tumkur University, recognizing his lifetime achievements as an educationist. Dr. S.M. Venkatpathi's enduring legacy lives on through the trust's commitment to promoting social, cultural, and educational aspirations across all sectors of society.

Chairman of East Point

Dr. S. M. Venkatpathi

Founder Chairman - EPGI
Managing Trustee, MG Charitable Trust

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