The Department of Pharmacy Practice at East Point College of Pharmacy offers a robust educational environment for D Pharm, B Pharm and Pharm D students, focusing on clinical interventions and Pharmaceutical care. The 2-year D Pharm program equips students with fundamental knowledge and skills essential for Pharmacy Practice. B Pharm students engage in practical and theoretical education, focusing on various aspects of pharmacy practice, including hospital and community settings. The 6-year Pharm D program integrates five years of academic instruction with one year of internship, ensuring comprehensive clinical training. Students gain practical experience at the on-campus 750-bedded East Point Hospital, where they handle medication therapy management, patient counselling, and drug utilization reviews. This hands-on training, augmented by experienced faculty, prepares students to meet international standards in clinical pharmacy practice. The department emphasizes a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring graduates are well-equipped for diverse roles in healthcare, including Hospital and Community Pharmacy. This integrative approach fosters a deep understanding of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, aimed at optimizing patient outcomes and advancing Pharmacy Practice.

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