OBC Committee

OBC Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairperson
2 Mrs Anitha L Pharmaceutical Chemistry Convener
3 Dr Kanala Siva Sankar Prasad Pharmacology Member
4 Mrs Vishnu Sravanthi Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
5 Mr Mohanraj KP (20P1328) Pharmacy Student Member
6 Ms Deepthi Shree S (20P1313) Pharmacy Student Member

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO OBC Committee
1 To serves as a platform for OBC students to voice their concerns, issues, and suggestions related to academic, social, and cultural matters within the college.
2 To review existing college policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive and fair to OBC students. It may also recommend changes or new policies to address specific needs or gaps.
3 To collaborates with college administration, faculty, and staff to address systemic barriers or challenges faced by OBC students and to promote a more inclusive campus environment.
4 To circulate various schemes and other GOI orders to the various aspects of education and other welfare schemes.
5 To develop the self-confidence of OBC students.

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