Rainwater Harvesting System of the College

The college has a total build-up area is about 810 m2. The average annual rainfall is 980mm and runoff and runoff coefficient 0.86 are considered for college buildings. The following mathematical equation is used for the calculation.

RHW Potential = Rainfall (m) X Area of catchment (m2) X Runoff coefficient Estimated rainwater harvesting potential for the college is about 700 m3/year. The college has 2 nos. of RWH sump tanks for rainwater collection which has a capacity of 100 m3 each having a size of 7.2 m x 5m x 3m. The collected rainwater is reused for irrigation, flushing, cleaning, etc.

Ground Water facility

The main source of freshwater is the borewell for the college. The freshwater is mainly used for drinking, housekeeping, gardening, and domestic activities. There is no municipal water connection on the campus.

Bore Well Details
Sl. No Water Source Location Quantity
1 Borewell-01 Near PUC building 1
2 Borewell-02 Near Admin block 1
3 Borewell-03 Near back gate 1
4 Borewell-04 Near playground 1

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