Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Mrs Deepa P.M Pharmacy Practice Convener
3 Mrs Anitha L Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
4 Mrs Jyothi M Pharmaceutics Member
5 Mr Keshav Murthy Pharmacology Member
6 Mr Varun N(16P7959) Alumni Alumni

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Alumni Committee
1 Engagement: The primary responsibility of an alumni Committee is to engage alumni with the organization or institution. This could involve organizing events such as reunions, networking sessions, career fairs, and social gatherings to keep alumni connected.
2 Communication: Maintaining communication with alumni is crucial. The committee may be responsible for creating and distributing newsletters, emails, social media updates.
3 Mentorship: Facilitating mentorship opportunities between alumni and current students or recent graduates is often a key responsibility of the Alumni Committee. This could involve pairing alumni mentors with mentees, organizing mentorship programs, or providing resources for mentorship connections.
4 Career services: Alumni often have valuable insights and connections in various industries. The Alumni Committee may provide career-related support to current students or recent graduates by organizing career workshops, offering resume assistance, providing job search resources, or facilitating networking opportunities.
5 Recruitment: Alumni can play a role in recruiting new students or employees to the organization or institution. The Alumni Committee may assist with recruitment efforts by participating in admissions events, serving as ambassadors for the organization or institution, or connecting prospective students or employees with relevant resources.

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