Skill Development Cell Committee

Skill Development Cell Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji Pharmaceutics Chairperson
2 Mrs Jyothi M Pharmaceutics Convener
3 Dr Chandrakala V Pharmaceutics Member
4 Mrs Harini Kumari G Pharmaceutics Member
5 Mr Srinivasan S Pharmaceutics Member

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Skill Development Cell
1 This cell Provides opportunities for students to acquire and enhance practical skills relevant to the field of pharmacy. Identify key industry-specific skills and create programs to develop them.
2 This cell Bridge the gap between academic learning and industry requirements. Ensure that students are well-prepared and confident to enter the workforce upon graduation.
3 This cell promotes a culture of lifelong learning among students and faculty. Facilitate workshops, seminars, and training sessions to keep everyone updated with the latest advancements in the pharmaceutical field.
4 This cell Enhance the employability of students by fostering skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability. Establish connections with industry partners to facilitate internships, placements, and collaborative projects.
5 This cell encourages an entrepreneurial mindset among students, providing resources and support for those interested in starting their own ventures.

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