Exam Committee

Exam Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Mr Keshav Murthy S G Pharmacology Convener
3 Mrs Soosamma John Pharmacognosy Member
4 Dr Chandrakala V Pharmaceutics Member
5 Mr Samiullah Bagwan Pharmaceutics Member

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Exam Committee
1 To decide the dates and the schedule of the sessional exams and conduct it.
2 The IA marks ledger and attendance to be maintained.
3 To collect the soft copy of the question papers and print it with confidential.
4 Maintain the IA booklets.
5 To ensure IA marks are finalized and freeze.
6 To fill and submission of university exam form of each program.
7 To inform all the faculty members and students of the circulars and university notifications.
8 To conduct the university theory and practical Examinations.
9 Collection of exam materials from RGUHS. As per requirements.
10 Announcing staff exam duty list/Distribution of Hall tickets.
11 Maintaining the absentee’s statement and the exam question papers.
12 The booklets to be scanned and uploaded on time in the portal.
13 Any mischievous conduct/malpractice of the student should be brought in to the notice of the Principal.
14 Making arrangement for the officers deputed for the exam duty.
15 Maintenance of all the records including result analysis.

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