Library Committee

Library Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairperson
2 Dr Sheik Nasar I Pharmacology Convener
3 Mr Pawan Kumar L Pharmacy Librarian
4 Ms Rashmi G (22PP304) Pharmacy Student Member
5 Ms Prathisha V (22PP303) Pharmacy Student Member

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Library Committee
1 The committee establishes and reviews library policies, including lending policies, membership rules, and codes of conduct.
2 It recommends changes to policies as necessary to ensure they align with the library's objectives and community needs.
3 The committee develops and manages the library budget, allocating funds for new acquisitions, maintenance, programs, and other operational expenses.
4 It monitors the financial health of the library and ensures responsible stewardship of resources.
5 The committee reviews and approves new book and material acquisitions, ensuring the collection meets the needs and interests of the library's users.
6 It evaluates the existing collection and recommends updates, replacements, or removals to maintain a relevant and up-to-date collection.
7 The committee organizes and promotes library events, workshops, and programs to engage the community and enhance the library's offerings.
8 It collaborates with local organizations, schools, and community groups to develop and host special events and activities.
9 The committee engages with the local community to understand their needs, preferences, and feedback regarding library services and resources.

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