Sports Committee

Sports Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Mr Suresha S EPGI Sports Director
3 Dr Tathagata Dey Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
4 Mrs Anitha L Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
5 Mrs Vishnu Sravanthi M Pharmaceutical Chemistry Coordinator
6 Mr Keshav Murthy Pharmacology Member
7 Ms Deepthi Shree S S (20P1313) Pharmacy Student Coordinator
8 Mr Anwar Ushan Chowdary (20P1306) Pharmacy Student Coordinator

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Sports Committee
1 Develop an annual sports calendar in collaboration with the sports committee. Coordinate and plan sports events, ensuring they align with the institution's goals and objectives.
2 Oversee the formation and organization of sports teams. Liaise with coaches and captains to ensure effective team communication and performance
3 Encourage student engagement in sports and promote inclusivity. Work with class representatives to identify and recruit participants for various sports activities
4 Coordinate with the facilities department to secure appropriate venues for practice and events. Ensure sports facilities are well-maintained and equipped.
5 Work with the treasurer to manage the budget allocated for sports activities. Provide input on budgetary requirements for training, equipment, and events.
6 Maintain accurate records of participant details, team rosters, and performance statistics. Provide necessary documentation to the sports committee and other relevant authorities
7 Ensure the implementation of safety protocols during practice sessions and events. Collaborate with the health and safety officer to address any medical or emergency concerns.
8 Monitor the performance of sports teams and individual participants and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement to coaches and participants
9 Address conflicts or disputes within sports teams or between participants. Foster a positive and inclusive sports culture
10 Prepare regular reports on sports activities, participation rates, and achievements.
11 Present updates to the active participants.

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