Time Table Committee

Time Table Committee Members

1 Dr. Anna Balaji, Principal Pharmaceutics Chairman
2 Mrs Soosamma John Pharmacognosy Convener
3 Dr Chandrakala V Pharmaceutics Convener
4 Dr Tathagata Dey Pharmaceutical Chemistry Member
5 Mr Keshava Murthy SG Pharmacology Member
6 Dr Kannan R Pharmacy Practice Member

Roles and Responsibilities

SL.NO Time Table Committee
1 Creating a structured timetable for academic or organizational activities
2 Assigning appropriate time slots for classes, meetings, or events to ensure efficient use of resources to avoid clashes
3 Resolving scheduling conflicts to avoid overlapping commitments and ensure a smooth flow of activities
4 Adjusting the timetable to optimize the use of facilities, faculty, and other resources
5 Ensuring effective communication of the finalized timetable to students, faculty, and staff
6 Distributing workload evenly across time slots to prevent unnecessary stress on individuals or departments
7 Overall, the Committee plays a crucial role in the organization and coordination of activities within the time frame.

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